How to make a statement necklace with just a few basic materials and skills

Summary: In the people-watching season, a statement necklace can be an undoubted all-purpose ornament to match your dresses. Here, a statement necklace DIY project that contains the mainly essentials about how to make a statement necklace has been well-prepared!

Date : Aug 15, 2012

Now, that’s the season we are no longer need to swaddled in jackets, coats and such thick clothes, it’s easy to leave a deep impression by wearing a stylish statement necklace. No matter match with the elegant dress or otherwise dull white T-shirts, the statement necklace seems to be an ultimate accessory. Thus, I was so happy that share a statement necklace DIY project that will tell you how to make a statement necklace with just a few basic materials and skills.

statement necklace

Necessary materials for the statement necklace:

Imitate Pearl-style Glass Bead

Rose Quart Gemstone Bead

Natural Gemstone Bead

Natural Dyed Mashan Jade Bead (4mm, 8mm & 10mm)

Crimp Bead

Alloy Linking Ring

Iron Cross Chain

Tiger Tail

Necessary tools for the statement necklace:

Side Cutting Plier

Wire-Cutter Plier

Necessary materials for the statement necklace

How to make a statement necklace?

Step1: Choose beads

Before buckled to start the statement necklace DIY project, you should firstly choose the beads for your necklace. Here, in order to make this tutorial more approachable, I give up the complicated beading methods.

Just cut out three 25cm tiger tail and string the three kinds of beads into strands.

How to make a statement necklace step1

Step2: Assemble the beads strands for statement necklace

Assemble the three separate strands with Crimp Beads and linking rings. Arrange the strands from inside to outside In accordance with the shortest to longest, or you can try making three equal-length strands.

Step3: Complete your statement necklace

Open the first and last loops at chain with wire-cutter plier and then hook the two linking rings, after close the two loops, a lovely statement necklace is done!

After reading my tutorial, have you got the principal element of a statement necklace? Yes, that is to be bold! Try some color collocation or beads groups you want to try but afraid to try in other necklace making projects! And while the ideal of how to make a statement necklace intimidate you; do not mind it and perhaps you may receive a special statement necklace at last! 

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