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How to make a ribbon necklace with shell beads in 2 steps

Summary: Fast and easy-to-make ribbon necklace that can commonly be appropriate for all age groups. Within basic thread methods, you may fashion one for yourself, friends or loved ones. In this article, by choosing the right beads to complete it, you will learn how to make a ribbon necklace in a unique and creative way!

Date : Aug 15, 2012

With the popularity of soft and changeable ribbon necklace, almost all can learn how to make a ribbon necklace with minimal necklace making experience, even in a matter of limited time and just a few tools and materials. In addition, try adding some beads can make the simple ribbon necklace become more fashion to wear. Here, learn how to make ribbon necklaces with shell beads and you will get a new piece for your wardrobe.

ribbon necklace

Needed Materials for making a ribbon necklace:

Organza Ribbon

Shell Bead

Assistive tools for making a ribbon necklace:

Iron Eyepin

Needed Materials for making a ribbon necklace

How to make a ribbon necklace?

Step1: Main beading way for the ribbon necklace

About how to make a ribbon necklace at home, you must learn how to choose the right beads materials and appropriate thread way.

Firstly, thread one of the shell beads on the ribbon;

Next, add on another shell bead;

And then weave the ribbon through the firstly added shell bead;

At last, flip the upon shell bead and pass the ribbon through it again.

How to make a ribbon necklace step1

Step2: Repeat the necessary processes for a complete ribbon necklace

Here, just repeat the above processes in step1 and craft the ideal length you want it be, then a lovely and delicate ribbon necklace is finished!

During the procedures while making a ribbon necklace, you may get a little confused at the beginning, do not give up! Furthermore, learn how to make a ribbon necklace well can save your time and money at the same time. To been regarded as a beautiful addition to any outfit, the ribbon necklace can be bold, or simple as well; so, which type will you prefer to?

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