How to make a jewelry holder out of fiber container

Summary: This is a very environment-friendly way to make a jewelry holder. You see, the recycled items are main materials for the project “how to make a jewelry holder”.

Date : Aug 17, 2012

This is a very environment-friendly way to make a jewelry holder. You see, the recycled items are main materials for the project “how to make a jewelry holder”. We suggest low-carbon life style.

The fiber container is a basic part of wide belt tape. It is actually the cylinder cardboard, which is often seen in our daily life. But seldom is it used to do some valuable things. When the tapes are ran out, we often throw them away, and never consider the possibility to put the extra power of the remaining part in play.

Now here we would like to introduce an original method to turn the trash to treasure: jewelry holder! How to make a jewelry holder out of fiber container? Let’s do it step by step.

For how to make a jewelry holder, what you need are fiber container(the unused part of wide belt tape), double face adhesive tapes, transparent tape, cardboards, thread&needle, scissors, cloth, lace, and beads.

jewelry holder

How to make a jewelry holder Step 1: turn the fiber container into a box

Cut out a circular cardboard the diameter of which is longer than the fiber container and make the cardboard sun-shaped, very matching the bottom of fiber container, and use adhesive tape to stick firmly. Similarly, cut out another cardboard the diameter of which are equal to the container, processing them to be the top of the container.

How to make a jewelry holder Step 2: wrap the container to make it more like a jewelry box

Pick red cloth(or other colors you like) to fully wrap the container, notice to use double face adhesive tape as it won’t be shown outside; and put the excess cloth inside box to neatly stick them. Then wrap the circular top cardboard with red cloth, and stitch one point of the top to the container’s body. At best, use a small patch to overlap both edges and stitch one point on the patch to make top and body connected.

How to make a jewelry holder Step 3: do some decoration to make a real jewelry holder

If having seed beads and related beading craft, you can make a tridimensional heart or strawberry patterns; if just having pearl bead or glass bead; you can choose a big sized one for decoration. Stitch the beading products to the top of the box, and lace to the circular edge.

Now the jewelry holder is completed. You can put your earrings or other small charms in it.

You have mastered this skill? If so, forget it. Do not neglect your own creativity. Stimulation can make you resemble something beautiful, but can never make you create something you are totally satisfied with. So next time, try to think by yourself how to make a jewelry holder out of some old furniture, such as second hand photo frame.

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