How to Make A Chinese Knot - Make Pipa Earrings

Summary: Do you know how to make a chinese knot? Actually, there are many kinds of chinese knots. Yet unique earrings below are made of so-called pipa knots. Follow us and learn one of chinese knot braiding techniques. More times' trying will make your earrings better looking.

Date : Oct 29, 2013

unique earrings

Materials and Tools:

Braiding rope

Jump rings

Earring hooks



Process Pictures:

how to make a chinese knot-make pipa earrings

Please Note: The original pictures are taken from

Beads Material Information

Item Description Size Actual quantity Stock Price/Unit

Stainless Steel Color Ring Stainless Steel Open Jump Rings(STAS-E011-4x0.7mm)

-- 1Bag 4 Unit US $12.36

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Silver Brass Earring Hooks(KK-Q369-S)

Silver Brass Earri...(KK-Q369-S)

Weight: 166g Unit: 1000pcs

-- 2pcs 21 Unit US $11.88

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Tools Information

Item Description Size Actual quantity Stock Price/Unit

Red Carbon Steel Scissors(PT-Q002-5)

Red Carbon Steel S...(PT-Q002-5)

Weight: 235g Unit: 5pcs

-- 1pcs 8 Unit US $2.02

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