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How to make a chain necklace with 3 super easy steps

Summary: How to make a chain necklace all by yourself With3 steps and 3 beads, in addition, a smart application of Tibetan Style Toggle and Tbar in the chain necklace is also included!

Date : Aug 09, 2012

After seeing dazzling amount of necklaces in the shops, many of us may also turn our eyes to some simply design necklace. Today, within 3 steps in this chain necklace DIY project, I will also show you how to make a chain necklace more quickly and efficiently, in addition, a smart use of the Tibetan Style Toggle and Tbar that can help make a chain necklace is also included.

chain necklace

Materials for chain necklace DIY project:

Bicone Czech Glass Bead

Middle East Rhinestone

Tibetan Silver Pendant


Tibetan Style Toggle and Tbar

Iron Headpin

Iron Eyepin


Tools for chain necklace DIY project:

Side Cutting Plier

Round Nose Pliers

How to make a chain necklace tools

How to make a chain necklace?

Step1: Assemble the chain with Tibetan Style Toggle and Tbar

Open the jump rings with the Side Cutting Plier and add the Toggle and Tbar on the two tips respectively.

How to make a chain necklace step1

Step2: Make the adornments parts

In the whole chain necklace, the adornments parts are really vital. In today’s chain necklace DIY project, I adopt one golden Middle East Rhinestone to match with the gold chain, in addition, one Bicone Czech Glass Bead, one short section of gold chain and one starfish-shape Tibetan Silver Pendant as the adornments. In this part, string the beads with the proper pins and then make loops the Round Nose Plier.

How to make a chain necklace step2

Step3: Apply the adornments to the ring tip

As the picture shows, just hook the well-prepared adornments part to the ring tip.

How to make a chain necklace step3_1

 And then, a stunning chain necklace is successful!

How to make a chain necklace step3_2

In the whole project on how to make a chain necklace, the arrangement and match ways can simply depend on what you like! Less of the materials, harder will the make processes be! Just use your imagination and make your own chain necklace!


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