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How to fix a ring----tips for silver ring maintenance

Summary: Do you have worries about your ring sometimes? Our project is going to talk about how to fix a ring, and there are several ways for your reference.

Date : Aug 16, 2012

Do you have worries about your ring sometimes? Our project is going to talk about how to fix a ring, and there are several ways for your reference.

how to fix a ring

Why should we know how to fix a ring?

Your rings, especially the silver rings are apt to damage, like too many pressures from outside world make them deformed, or some hard object carelessly leaves an obvious scratch. Such happenings would worsen your moods, and the nightmares would be always on your mind unless they are eliminated someday in future. So it is necessary for you to figure out how to fix a ring.

If you got a silver ring, a scratch might have existed on its surface. I don’t mean your ring is in low quality; I am going to indicate that silver ring easily get scratched marks and grow dark, as it is soft and lightly colored.

Then how to fix a ring after it gets damaged?

Take silver ring for example: how to fix a silver ring after it get a scratch?

There are several tips for you:

How to fix a ring Tip 1: general method is to clean silver ring with toothpaste, after cleaning, use silver polishing cloth to wipe the ring dry and examine the change.

How to fix a ring Tip 2: if general method doesn’t work, use silver cleansing. In order to protect your silver ring from erosion, you’d better dip it in the chemical liquid for at most 10 seconds.

How to fix a ring Tip 3: put the silver ring into cola and dip it for almost one night. Although I don’t know the principle behind the idea, many people have tried and proved this method works well. Therefore I guess some chemical substances in cola can promote the damaged part and dark part self-regeneration.

how to fix a ring tip1~3

How to fix a ring Tip 4: jade or something containing jade is able to make the scratch on silver to fade away.

How to fix a ring Tip 5: soak silver ring into alcohol which has the consistency of 90 percentage and last 12 hours. After that, wipe and dry it. Then use soap water to clean and paint the mash made of ammonia and chalk on it; after being dried, utilize a small patch of flannel to wipe until it glitters.

How to fix a ring Tip 6: fetch a bag of developing powder, and dissolve the powder into 1 kg of fresh water; then saturate the ring into solution water for around 2 minutes. And at last use running water to rinse and clean it with soft cloth.

how to fix a ring tip4~6

The six tips are common used methods for fixing a silver ring, especially for fading scratch and polishing. They are found when I brose some questions like how to fix a ring, how to make my ring shine again and so on. I think many people would need the help of these tips, so sorting out them for your reference.

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