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Earring making instructions-How to make feather earrings with basic jewelry making Pliers

Summary: Be bored of wearing common beads earrings? Here, a new earring making instructions for your reference on how to make feather earrings. Except some basic pliers, no extra glue or tools needs!

Date : Aug 31, 2012

Sometimes, feather earrings are certainly a great accessory because of their versatile as well as origin elegant feelings. No matter which outfit you match them with, they can be classy or funky. Though those pieces sold in boutiques may be expensive, you can learn how to make feather earrings at home easily. Less than an hour, anyone will make feather earrings.

How to make feather earrings

How to make feather earrings materials:

Fashion Feather Decoration

Earrings Hoop

Glass Pearl Bead

Glass Bead

Acrylic Jewelry Bead

6/0 Glass Seed Bead

Crimp Beads Cover

Nylon Thread

How to make feather earrings tools:

Side Cutting Plier

Wire-Cutter Plier

Round Nose Plier

How to make feather earrings material

How to make feather earrings?

How to make feather earrings step1: prepare the feather parts

Take out two pieces Fashion Feather Decoration and stack them up. To ensure one is larger than another, pluck several feather of the top part. Then thread 10mm Glass Pearl Bead onto both feathers and wrap a section wire to fix the position of pearl bead, finally, bend a hook of the rest wire part.

How to make feather earrings step1

How to make feather earrings step2: prepare the adornments part

Using the colorful Nylon Threads, cut out several short sections; then assemble them randomly with some beads, such as Acrylic Beads, Glass Beads, and Gemstone Beads and so on. To the ends, make loops using the Crimp Beads Cover.

How to make feather earrings step2

How to make feather earrings step3: assemble all prepared parts together

Thread the above well-prepared parts onto the earring hooks in turns. Here, you have your feather earrings now.

In the whole contents for how to make feather earrings more stylish within basic tools and inexpensive materials, you can also take the paper as instead materials. Sounds like a good idea, right? Just move and create more stylish feather earrings by using your own imagination!

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