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DIY Lace Bracelet - Sew Beads on Lace And Leather

Summary: Love the mysterious and sexy black lace? This time DIY lace bracelet is made up black lace and beads. I think this lace bracelet will definitely satisfying you if you are a lace fancier. Add leather to lace in order to make your bracelet more endurable. Please be patient to sew and glue bead on the lace with good-looking pattern.

Date : Dec 09, 2013

black lace

Materials and Tools:



Acrylic rhinestones

Round seed beads

Paper pattern

Sewing threads


Toggle clasp



Process Pictures:

diy lace bracelet - sew beads on lace and leather

Please Note: The original pictures are taken from

Beads Material Information

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Gainsboro Flat Rou...(ACRT-H041-19)

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White Oval Connectors/Links(RSB170-06)

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Tools Information

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